Daddy, May I?

I’m a woman living in the US, where many of my sisters here believe that feminism is stupid. They think that women already have equal rights, even though men make laws about our bodies, 1 in 4 college girls are raped, and women are paid less for doing the same work as men.

When I think about what the patriarchy of the world is doing to women, I’m reminded of The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood. The following headline both sickens me and brings me joy:

Joy, because maybe now my sisters in this region will suffer less. And sickness because it’s only the beginning. The people in this country who have been living under the old rules will not immediately believe that this is a good thing. Not that I believe, for a minute, that men making laws is a good thing. Saudi women who now “have the right” to make a police report, are wondering if this new power will corrupt their daughters. Men, who may now be held accountable for their actions, are angry. Women still aren’t allowed to drive, own property, invite male guests into the house, open bank accounts, or choose elective plastic surgery.

It’s a weak attempt to appear modern and I would hope that none of our Saudi sisters believe that the fight is over. It’s only just beginning. Men are not suitable leaders. Men do not have the mental, emotional and intellectual qualifications to continue ruling the planet.

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