When Sleeping Women Awake, Mountains Will Move.

This is not feminism.
This is a proposal for a new worldwide system of organization, beautification, efficiency, and teamwork.
This is global matriarchy:

First, I will begin by defining feminism. New readers often have a preconceived notion that Global Matriarchy is the end goal of feminism, but it is not. Feminists want equality. When I speak of a Global Matriarchy, it is because the current patriarchy will not tolerate equality; it is a hopeless cause. Our mission and methods are very different, as I will outline below.
The definition is attributable to Wikipedia, a source that’s created by people who are passionate about the topic they’re contributing to. They argue amongst themselves, they discuss and debate and work together to make sure that the definition is accurate. If their definition of feminism is different on the day you visit, you can be assured that this was the best they could come up with on Tuesday the 25th of July, 2017. If you click around, you can find the discussion that elicited the change, as well as any debate around the specific change that has been made.

Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women.[1][2]This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to such opportunities for men.

1- a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal;

Global matriarchy is not a political movement, exactly. We’re full of ideologies that we have derived from careful analysis of thousands of years of male rule on this planet. We are a social movement. What sort of movement isn’t social? Unlike feminism, Global Matriarchy isn’t compatible with the earth’s current system. It’s time for an upgrade but the current system is unsalvageable. Our goal is simply for The Good of All. Oppression will not be tolerated.

2- (goal is) to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal and social rights for women

Our goal is not to define or establish women’s rights. Women have been discussing these rights and telling the patriarchy what we need since before man invented the world’s dominant religions to soothe their fragile sense of entitlement. Let’s not forget that the women of our species are the ones “chosen” by our “creator” to bear the children. Women are the keepers of the embryo and the shapers of young minds. Sisters, it is the patriarchal males that are our biggest obstacles to living in peace.

Not all men.

Not that we have a choice.

In many areas of the world, man’s governments and religions block her from making that choice. Whether it’s arranged marriages, child brides bought and sold by men, or “courting” processes that many Christians in the US practice. They are directly interfering with the evolution of our species in order to promote their own genetic lines, regardless of whether or not that’s good for society or women.

Our creator gave women the responsibility of creating the next generation. I don’t care what you believe about politics, simply look at how effective this is. It is so effective that we personify decades, all very aware that a “child of the 60’s” has a different life experiences and beliefs than a “child of the 80’s.”

Each new generation was conceived and raised under a different woman-created-by-man’s-world. Did they really think we’d allow their rule to continue this way?

Men; your behavior as leaders, all over the world, has caused unforgiveable harm to our sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers. We brought you sons and you have turned them into monsters. We’re done dealing with this. I’m going to tell you something you’ve probably heard before; you’re grounded.

I know that many men are sorry to have seen this coming. These men are the scientists, the rational thinkers, and the kinder, gentler souls of the male subspecies. These are the ones who don’t cower under the authority of their invented gods and self-worshipping governments. These are the men who embrace their humanity, rather than reveling in their dominance. The reign of the “alpha male” is declining and while the alpha male sees this as a problem, the civilized male sees this as hopeful. Civilized males are not the problem. They are not part of the machine, even though they’ve never enjoyed the sweet sound of peaceful silence that we’re sure to breathe in once the transition to matriarchy is over.

The systems they have built have reached their maximum capacity in life. The undeveloped, unevolved mind so predominant in the males, must not be allowed to remain in control of the wellness and security of these animals. Any man who has risen to a position of power in this matriarchy must be examined for signs of bigotry, hatred, violence or insecurity. Those character traits are not to be reproduced in future generations. It’s already happening. Men invented ridiculous gender-specific social constructs, backed them up with their male-dominated religion, and inflict them on women and children, enslaving us to their mindset. At the time of this writing, the less-evolved males are scrambling to ensure that their hateful, evil-minded agenda continues to thrive; oppressing women and their own kind based on skin color, sexuality, and personality characteristics that embrace a healthy communal diversity.

But why should we settle for leadership with the mind of a subspecies?

Men are incapable of managing a project as huge as caring for the earth and all of her people.

The systems they have built and maintained exist for their own purposes.

If males were capable of leading groups of people on this planet, then no nation would be “the greatest.” Seeking greatness is a false positive, because once it is achieved, it is because you have successfully managed to oppress all of the others.

That’s not the kind of world a matriarchy can exist in, because oppressing others is a characteristic that won’t sustain humanity on earth.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourselves this; do you trust the leadership of your country? Would you trust your governmental leaders to implant a microchip under your skin to keep track of your whereabouts and activities? To monitor your health? Would you trust a corporation to do the same? Shouldn’t you be able to trust your leaders?

Under a government whose primary purpose is The Good of All, science and religion become a lot less scary. In a matriarchy, no children would be molested by priests because we know that males aren’t mentally stable enough to make decisions or give guidance on spiritual issues. In a matriarchy, college girls would not be raped because very few men would be working white collar jobs, the majority of them are simply ill-equipped to maintain power. In a matriarchy, no children would watch their mothers being raped or beaten because important tasks like childrearing wouldn’t allow for such men to be near children. Every human born onto this planet deserves safety and support. In a matriarchy, women would wear whatever the fuck they wanted, in any setting and in any weather because our streets wouldn’t be overrun by aggressive men who have been taught that it’s OK that they don’t control themselves. In a matriarchy, women and children would feel safe and secure at all times because male violence would simply not be tolerated. Little boys would never see their fathers, uncles and leaders behaving in ways that demean others.
Where are the providers, the protectors and the hunters our ancient grandmothers knew? Modern males like to believe that they are providers and protectors, but if that were true, then the patriarchal society they have created wouldn’t result in the oppression of women, living in constant fear that we will be attacked, that our children will be victimized, and that our leaders will consent to yet another war.
The patriarchy has turned them into yellow-bellied cowards that have destroyed the world with their violence. Men hide behind the bravado of their dominance, creating an environment where more than half of the citizens of earth are living in fear. That’s no way to live.

3- this includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to such opportunities for men.

The goal of matriarchy is not equality. This is the biggest difference between matriarchy and feminism. Feminism seeks equality with savages. Matriarchy takes a different approach. In a matriarchy, the only men that will be allowed the freedom of civilization are the ones that can be trusted, in that they contribute to The Good of All. Antiquated presumptions about the inevitability of war and male authority have no place in a matriarchy. And the only way to save our species from the neverending wars, famine and danger of man’s world is to admit that they’re tyrannical leaders and end their reign.

Instead of a planet filled with hoarders of resources, where an unscrupulous few profit immensely on the labor of the many… instead of a planet with man-made borders, walls, and divisions of people… instead of “super nations” that are defined by their history of oppression, a matriarchy will consist of continents around the globe who work together to share resources, maintain a state of security and health for their residents, and the rest of the planet.

Imagine, for comparison, a low-income apartment building in a run-down town. Each unit is home to a single mom and her 1 or 2 children. One mom must run to the market for orange juice, but her baby is asleep and she has a pie in the oven. Without male leadership, the residents of the building call across the hall, and the neighbor brings her kids over to play while the baby naps. When the pie timer beeps, the neighbor takes out the pie, puts it on a cooling rack and shortly later, the mom comes home. When the pie is cooled, she cuts it in half and delivers a portion to her neighbor. After all, the berries were a gift from the woman she volunteers with and she’s grateful that she was able to run to the market at the last minute.

This is how women get things done. Women share, women pool resources, women look out for one another. If, in the course of their neighborly conversation, this mom learns that the woman downstairs was sufering a hardship, this mom would cut her pie in half again and deliver a portion to that woman. Because that’s what women do. When humans are suffering, women make things better, in spite of the patriarchy’s attempts to divide us and create infighting based on religion, skin color, or whatever other stupid things the patriarchy has been oppressing.
Isn’t it funny what hypocrites they are?

Lesbian porn is incredibly popular. Men are the biggest consumers of porn. While they like watching it and fantasizing about it, the religions they have created demonize it. While they can acknowledge that it’s sexy and wish to experience it in some form, they can’t help but villify it, as it threatens their sense of self-importance. Their unhealthy obsession with something that has, largely, no effect on their lives in a practical sense, is a sign of instability. The males currently leading religious and governmental institutions live in constant fear that they’ll be exposed as the power-hungry charletans that they are. The world of their creation, that shows them favor at every turn, is turning on them and it’s beginning to get very ugly. They’ve been exposed.

No woman wonders why young white male extremists have become such a threat to society. So many young white males in the US have been raised to expect that they’ve inherited a level of authority simply because they have penises. Mental “illnesses” are a direct result of spending childhood in a patriarchy. The fear of the patriarchy’s self-induced downfall leaves them feeling threatened, but they still believe that they’re empowered by their gods. Patriarchal males have left their sons a dying empire. Some boys see the oppression and use their intellect and communication skills to do the right thing, and try to end it. Other boys see the rise of the oppressed and get fearful, using whatever means they can think of to ensure that the women, the racial minorities in their area of influence, and the ones with different religious beliefs remain in a state of oppression. Patriarchy believes that it is impossible to live without war. Matriarchy believes that it is impossible to live with war. War is, after all, mass murder. And the un-evolved mentality of the male leadership that has built the world’s governments believes that war is “human nature” when in reality it is a primitive mindset that continues because women’s reproductive choices have been controlled and molded for many generations by the very males that keep it going.

Our current system isn’t sustainable. Male leadership has poisoned the planet, the minds of our children, and the soul of all humanity. If sin means that which goes against the wishes of your creator, then patriarchy is a sin. It’s time to align ourselves with the reality that women’s bodies have been granted the power to create human life. If men are truly the protectors and providers that they believe themselves to be, then they can’t possibly be world leaders, or occupy any other authority role either. Males are uncivilized, they lack communication and negotiation skills that come naturally to women, and they are inherently incompatible with leadership.

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