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Man made and male-led world governments, businesses, institutions, and religions do not serve women and therefore, do not serve humanity.

Ladies, we can do better.

All over the world, even in the rare pockets where women might be represented in leadership, the institutions and guiding principles are declared and administered mainly by men, and guided by principles that reward and encourage toxic masculinity.

That’s bullshit

Women make up roughly 50% of the worldwide population, and yet the entire population of humanity, worldwide, is still a victim of the oppressive forces of masculinity. Men are not biologically, intellectually, or emotionally equipped to lead the entire human race for as long as they have. If we have learned anything from our collective histories after thousands of years of humanity on this planet, it is this: Patriarchy has failed.

In a perfect world, the male-female ratio of leaders might more accurately reflect that of overall humanity’s ratio; roughly 50% of each.

But this isn’t a perfect world, and the patriarchy has constructed gender roles that so deeply define what it is to “be a man” or “be a woman” that an increasing number of men aren’t even welcome as patriarchal leaders because they’re gay, bisexual, transexual, or otherwise not conforming to the gender role that patriarchal society has decided is appropriate. Why are feminine qualities so frightening to men? Because they believe themselves superior, but deep down inside they know that they’re all frauds. Only feminine minds have the power to solve the problems that masculine minds have created.

Furthermore, male humans have invented and perpetuated the mythology of several religions that, at their core, oppress women and devalue the very specific characteristics the patriarchy has assigned to the “female” gender.

Change within the system is impossible.

The system was designed by men, executing their toxic masculine goals which represent as greed, violence, and hatred. In the extreme, men are basically evil.  Feminine principles, of community, cooperation, and nurturing, are demonized as “liberalism” or “progressive” as if progress is a bad thing. As if community, families and cooperation are a bad thing. Greed, violence and hatred have never made the world a better place. The only thing that makes humanity bearable is the results of the efforts of WOMEN. Men have been holding back humanity for thousands of years, oppressing women and children and guaranteeing a future where they’re still in power, nevermind that their power has destroyed civilizations, families, and humanity itself.

The World will be saved by the western woman

Here’s what we want:

  1. Freedom. No human owns another human. No woman is beholden to any man.
  2. To apply our superior and distinctively feminine leadership skills to the maintenance of humanity and planet earth
  3. To live in a world where all human bodies and minds are honored and nurtured
  4. A global cooperative redistribution of resources so that no human suffers, regardless of their age or social status
  5. For global leaders to solve disagreements in a civilized manner, befitting our humanity

Here’s what we believe:

  1. No human will be free until we are able to determine our own destiny
  2. Current worldwide governments do not serve humanity, and that needs to change
  3. Male leadership has failed the human race, and “working within the system” will never work because the system is designed by men, to support the needs of men, at the expense of the rest of humanity
  4. Education is essential for the survival of the human race, and as such, should be provided for free at every level. The current government-operated educational system, worldwide, exists mostly to indoctrinate future generations as tools for man’s systems and institutions and the entire thing should be dismantled, and rebuilt based on the superior leadership and mentoring abilities of women, not in the factory-like methods that destroy families and contribute to the patriarchal need for a complacent populace.
  5. Military “service” should not serve the greedy, violent needs of man, but the human needs of society; repurposing worldwide war mechanisms with the goal of survival will help humanity endure the pending weather-related catastrophes that global warming brings
  6. All behavior stems from the underlying feelings and emotions within the perpetrator. The current US system of for-profit prisons does not serve humans, it serves corporations. When humans deviate from the culturally-accepted behavior standards, intervention should take place on a personal level, and not enslave the offender.