Sisters of the world, it is time to unite

Sisters of the world, it is time to unite.

The age-old practice of male domination on our planet must come to an end.

It cannot be denied that the male of our species have created systems, governments and institutions that relentlessly damage the happiness and freedom of every human on the planet.

It cannot be denied that the mentally unstable, emotionally immature and morally corrupt males who have assumed leadership of the world’s people are failing.

Males are simply incapable of leading our species to greatness.

It is time for their reign to end.

Women are the creators of our future. Our bodies house the lives of the future and it’s our responsibility to make that future better.

Our mothers and grandmothers and great grandmothers suffered at the hands of male leadership.  Our daughters suffer at the hands of male leadership. Our grand daughters will suffer at the hands of male leadership, unless we take action.

The male’s inherent fascination with dominance, violence, war and creation of sub-groups makes them deeply unqualified to maintain a position of leadership that’s beneficial to humanity.

Women make things simple. Men make things complicated.

Women’s bodies have been chosen by the creator to house the future.

Men blame so much on women… can they not see the role they have had in our perspective? It’s almost as if they want to be overthrown.  It is, sometimes, the only language they understand.

Telling our stories hasn’t helped. Watching their mothers, sisters and daughters suffer hasn’t helped. Imagining the suffering of their grand daughters hasn’t helped.

It’s time we took matters into our own hands; as we are fully capable of doing.

Every mother knows this, and every toddler throwing a tantrum knows this.

We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

We have given men plenty of opportunities and information to believe that they “simply don’t realize” what they’ve done to our world.

It’s time to acknowledge that the male subspecies is simply incapable of making the world peaceful, healthy, or happy.

Prime examples of this are geographic boundaries, complicated currency systems, widespread criminal activity, and corrupt legal and law enforcement systems where justice isn’t even served. Cultures that allow their members to go without medical treatment or education, pollution to the many planetary environments that result in the extinction of other animals, profit-driven economies that guarantee some citizens great wealth while locking others into poverty, not to mention enormous amounts of food waste in one place, famine in another place, and obesity in yet another.  This is the world the males have created.  I think it’s time to stop the insanity. They haven’t learned their lesson, they’re endangering our sisters and daughters. They need a time-out.

Imagine a world where leadership was an equally distributed balance of male and female energy.  Imagine if each nation had two leaders, one elected by the women and one elected by the men.  Imagine if the entire structure of the worlds governments was equally male and female, if men never sat around a table making laws about women’s bodies, if the resources of the earth were equally distributed around the planet and public utilities and food distribution were shared equally among all humans. No one would starve. No one would sleep under the freeway. No child would suffer at the hands of a priest. No rapist would go unpunished.

Right now, the male leadership is failing, as they have for thousands of years. And they will continue to fail because it’s not in their nature to make the world a better place. They are not called-by-their-creator to create the future. We are.

I’m not religious, but the bible says something prophetic about 1000 years of peace. Isn’t that when rapture happens or Jesus comes again?  We’ve never even had one year of peace on the planet under the male’s leadership.  Has there ever been a single day on the planet where a war hasn’t been happening?  I don’t think so.

The human race has been dominated by a specific mentality most commonly attributed to males, and that’s perfectly illustrated by the idea of “making america great again.”  Like seriously? Men are so ignorant, negative and hateful that they can’t even make it their goal to be leaders of a more peaceful world?

Women are more naturally inclined to adapt a different mindset.

The old mindset is slowly but surely becoming a turn-off to evolving minds.

“Manhood” in the bigoted sense that conservative christian republicans display, is a mindset that is evolving away because it’s disastrous to the survival of the human species.

And their small-minded method of preserving their mentality is to rape and vilify women and everyone else who has a more open mind. Minorities, the LGBT community, and everyone who feels like they’re not represented by the self-serving institutions the males have created and defended, by killing women, children, and each other all over the planet.

But it’s over. The world has become smaller, communication has become easier.  As women, no matter how far we look past our own negative experiences, it’s easy to see that the entire planet is suffering under the leadership of the males currently in power and the systems that have been passed on to them.

It’s time for a new system, all over the planet. Geographic borders don’t need walls, they need erasers.  Power and wealth are not honorable things to strive for.  Women, and other empathetic beings, don’t value power and wealth worldwide.  Imagine, instead, a world where every inhabitant felt safe, trusted, empowered, valuable, and secure?  Imagine traveling the planet freely, as a world citizen.  Imagine building a world where no child was ever starved, where no one was ever raped or victimized, where the root causes of addiction and mental illness did not exist. Where civilizations and villages were never destroyed by war. Where a “defense budget” was a strange concept. Where governments served The Good of All, rather than themselves.  Where new technology and scientific developments were available to everyone, and each generation had it better than the one before.

Those things sound like crazy talk to most people, but women have been doing this for their children and sisters for centuries. When women hear that a friend is suffering, they offer help. Women constantly band together to make one another’s lives easier. Men more often band together to cause harm.  Any man who strives for “success” is also striving to ensure the downfall of another.

Humanity is trapped under the muddy boot of the schoolyard bully.  It’s time for the teachers, mothers and peacemakers of the planet to come together and bring some order to this playground.

Sisters of the world, it is time to unite.

World Women United (dot org)